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Feral Film Foundation

Founded in 2014, The Feral Film Foundation is the fund-raising subsidiary of Feral Film Productions.  It focuses exclusively on creating and distributing promotional films for community-based conservation projects, funded solely on donations from the public and patrons.

The increasing human population and lack of wild habitat is an ever growing threat to wildlife in East Africa, and there are many efforts under way to protect endangered species as well as fostering better human-wildlife co-habitation.  However, many of these projects are run by small communities who have no funding and few resources. 


The FFF is run by a dedicated team of experienced film-makers who know that films are a powerful way of bringing important issues to a global audience and raising vital funds to help continue conservation work.  The FFF brings film-making skills and resources to these communities and becomes a link through social media and crowd-funding between donors and community conservation projects throughout Africa.

Sample Conservation Fund-raising film

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