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International Productions in Kenya



Kenya is a land of incredible diversity…
We locate the perfect setting for your pro
For wildlife filming, we prefer to support community conservancies in the north of Kenya, where a unique form of wildlife conservation has taken hold.  There are incredible stories and the wildlife viewing is raw and real.  The communities are engaged in wildlife conservation and your filming fee goes directly to where they need it most.
We have done promotional films for the best lodges in Kenya and so can secure special deals for you and your crew, not available to other production companies.
We know cabins, castles, villages and metropole and where to find the most striking landscapes… mountains, beaches, deserts, rivers - you name it - we know where to find it and how to get there at the right time of year.

We can get you a filming license within minutes.
For more complicated permissions involving National Parks, municipalities and to obtain Special Passes for you to bring in a skeleton crew from abroad, please send an enquiry for a quotation listing all locations.  Our network will ensure the quickest, cheapest but most reliable connection with all levels of governmental and community management to ensure you will not only be guided and approved but also secure.
At Feral, we try to ensure that all foreign productions employ at least one Kenyan citizen or resident for every foreign crew member.

We have it all here in Kenya. Just send your “kit list” and your quote from your country of origin - and we will do our best to match the price, saving you a fortune in import permits, shipping, insurance etc.
To name but a few bits and bobs, we have RED helium, Canon C100,300, Sony Fs7 cameras, CN-20 lens, GoPros, DJI drones, Gimbals, Sliders… 

LOCAL CREW - we have an extensive catalog of Kenyan DOPs, director producers, camera-people, sound technicians, driver guides, hosts etc.



Guest bedroom - Borana Lodge, Kenya

Kenya In-House Production

Promotional Film and Photography

We have been producing promotional films and taking photographs for safari operators, camps and lodges since 2004.  Film is a unique and powerful way to showcase your property or travel company to a wide audience across local or global media.

Please view our YouTube channel playlist here:-

Feral Film Productions promo films

Sample promotional film for tourism


Che Shale Kite-surfing beach, Kenya

Aerial Surveying

Feral Films have developed a low tech but high definition innovative technique for affordable geotagged aerial video and photographic land surveying with GIS mapping.

A full HD video flyover is created using 4K GoPros, mounted on a fixed wing aeroplane, synchronised with GPS tracking software and simple Google Earth animation techniques.

We create super high definition images by mounting a stills camera with a professional optic lens inside a custom built wing, which is triggered to fire at the precise frequency to compliment airspeed using custom software. Images are time-stamped and geotagged by our GIS team to build a highly accurate and detailed map.

The scope of usage for such a technique is enormous.  We have already been using it for engineering and construction surveys for a variety of demands.  

We see huge potential for it as an affordable way for conservation bodies to not only map out accurately unchartered territories but also as a foolproof standard for wildlife population censuses.
Working closely with university led techniques of data analysis, it would be easy to replicate this procedure and build in an error factor to allow for the most accurate censuses ever performed in this incredibly important field.


Sirai House, Borana Conservancy, Kenya


Feral Film was involved in pioneering the first ever combined aerial game count of the Laikipia plateau in Northern Kenya in 1995.  
In 2004, we produced the first ever aerial safari promotional films when helicopters were introduced into Kenya’s tourism industry by Tropic Air.

As specialists in aerial filming, we combine helicopters with the latest in drone technology, DSLRs and GoPros to provide bespoke aerial footage for any project, whether land surveys, conservation studies or private safaris.  


With our in-depth knowledge of production and post-production techniques unique to aerial photography, we are able to produce stunning aerial images tailored to our clients needs.


Guests watching lion, Maasai Mara, Kenya

Personal safari video and photography

What better way to remember the holiday of a lifetime than by having a professional photographer and / or videographer accompany you on your trip to create a special film or photo album of your personal adventure.  We have been making films for safari companies and their clients since 2004.

We also offer a professional coffee table presentation book of photographs upon request.

Please contact us for more information

Three families on safari with the Samburu tribe


Wedding, Maasai Mara, Kenya


In 2007 Feral Film organised a major event for Canon Europe, and produced a film showcasing all elements from the four days.  


We cover all types of event including weddings, product launches, corporate events, private parties, charity fund-raisers and conferences.

Our experienced team of event film and photographers offer quality coverage of your event whatever the occasion.  Please get in touch to find out more about what we can do to make your event unique.

Canon Eos Safari


Rhino translocation, Borana Conservancy, Kenya

Conservation projects

We have 14 years of experience working with industry leaders of conservation in East Africa, such as Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Tusk Trust and Save the Rhino.

Our films are designed to meet each client’s needs, whether to generate greater awareness of their work on local or global media platforms, or to be used directly for fundraising.  

We have an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges faced by conservation organisations and the tensions between wildlife and local communities, and work closely with our clients to harness the power of film to meet their objectives.

Borana Rhino Translocation

Clients are able to enjoy a live remote review and commentary of their ongoing projects

via a secure online upload during the editing process.

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