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JIMMY GREENWOOD Curriculum Vitae






I am a Videographer and Producer with over 14 years of experience creating and delivering high quality short films for promotion, social media, fundraising, corporate communication and branding.  Through directing my own company, I have also had the opportunity to produce large-scale projects for corporate clients whilst managing and leading my own skilled team of specialists. I am experienced in delivering projects from conception through to the final product and to lead on all aspects of film production from the creative concept and budgeting to directing, filming, editing and sound.  My many years of experience in working across all aspects of film production have also taught me to adapt creatively to suit any budget and to work alongside clients with different backgrounds and expectations to create engaging and ground breaking content.  My experience has also given me the skills to work cross-culturally in remote communities and to tell stories which might not otherwise be heard.  My passion for story telling, whether human or wildlife and my dedication to detail and technical accuracy makes me a valuable member of any team.  

2019  Book Aid International

Accompanied Lord Paul Boateng on a trip to Ghana for Book Aid International to record him talking in libraries and reading with street children as part of a piece for Hay literary festival.

2019 Netflix

Travelled to Western Kenya to seek out a fugitive from debtors who was part of a Netflix documentary series on immigrant workers in Qatar for broadcast in run up to 2020 World Cup.  Successfully found him and conducted an interview whilst he was in hiding and sent footage to London production studio for editing.

2018  Ginger Ink, Jochen Schweizer, Sony Germany

Ex stunt man turned Entrepreneur Jochen Schweizer owns a huge adventure experience company out of Munich.  The reality TV show “Dream Job” (working title) episode 2 was based in Northern Kenya and one of a six part elimination-based “High octane Apprentice” to find a CEO for one of Jochen’s eleven companies.  It was commissioned by Sony Germany and produced locally by Ginger Ink Films.
  I was locations co-ordinator and manager for the 3 day shoot and the week long pre-production.  Worked alongside the senior Sony director during the five unit shoot and occasional set manager when required.  I led two of the three location scouting trips and managed all of the Northern Rangelands Trust community conservancy locations.  I also assisted the art department and many other areas.  Producers Guy Wilson, Ginger Ink Kenya; Jelka Ninja, Sony Germany.

2018  CNN

Producer, shooting PD / DOP on shoots for Inside Africa, African Voices and Marketplace Africa magazine programs for CNN on a wide range of topics throughout Kenya.  
From the illegal charcoal industry, elephant orphanages to a profile of Tetu Shani - an upcoming talented Nairobi-based singer songwriter.

2017 - 2018  Passion Pictures, London

“My Africa” – a 360VR short film about a young Samburu woman filmed in Northern Kenya for Conservation International.  I sourced and recorded talent for Swahili, Samburu and French narrations of the script.

2017 - 2018  Grevy’s Zebra Trust, Kenya

GZT is an independent wildlife conservation trust operating in Kenya and Ethiopia. I am producing a series of short documentary style films to commemorate their 10th anniversary and was responsible for producing and directing the entire series, as well as supervising the storyboards, shot lists and scripting.


2017  Mount Kenya Trust

I filmed and directed a multi-cam shoot, conducted interviews, edited, graded and sound mixed an 8 minute fund-raising film highlighting MKT’s community and conservation efforts. The film was used on their social media channels and in private fund raising events.

watch MKT


2016  Mount Kenya Trust

The 10to4 Mountain Bike Race is an annual mountain bike safari held on Mount Kenya. I shot and produced a short promotional film to attract participants to next year’s event.

watch 10to4


2015-2017  Space for Giants

Space for Giants is a leading elephant conservation organisation based in Kenya. I accompanied a donor on safari to make a film about their work, including an elephant collaring operation, as the sole cameraman and editor. This led to producing a series of films including coverage of The Giants Club Summit, an inaugural event bringing together African heads of state, conservationists and philanthropists.  As well as filming the event itself I created a series of short films for social media and edited and updated their main fund-raising film. I also produced a series of short fund-raising films for social media for their sponsors from the Saracens Rugby team about their climb of Mount Kenya. I directed, shot, edited, graded, audio mixed and narrated all of these films.

watch SFG pre-summit


2016  UNICEF

We shot and edited a series of Public Service Announcements for Early Childhood Development. I was lead camera as part of a full production team.  Producer: Nicola Simmonds

watch UNICEF


2015  Milgis Trust

Documentary style fundraising film outlining the work that the trust does to support the Samburu community in Northern Kenya and to protect the wildlife in the area. 

Scripted and directed on a two camera shoot for five days.  Edited, audio mixed and narrated a ten-minute film.

watch Milgis

2014  Borana Conservancy

Directed, shot, edited, audio mixed and narrated a five-minute teaser for a film showcasing Borana’s work in becoming the largest black rhino sanctuary in Kenya.

watch Borana rhino

2011-2013   Royal African Safaris

Directed, shot, edited and produced nine separate promotional marketing films for their luxury safaris.

watch RAS

2012  Big Life Foundation

Big Life was co-founded by photographer Nick Brandt and award-winning conservationist Richard Bonham in September 2010.  I worked alongside Big Life in Chyulu Hills and Amboseli, National Park as a lead cameraman on a fundraising film.  Producer: Nick Brandt

watch Big Life

2012  Eagle Lyon Pope

Aerial Surveying – producing video and mapping imagery.

Flying in a Cesna 206 light aircraft, I used a combination of mounted GoPro rigs, fixed DSLR camera, synchronised GPS iPad tracking software and a laptop to build up a picture of four potential sites for an engineering company along the Kenyan and Tanzanian coast.  I personally designed and executed the methodology and combination of software required to provide the GIS team with the data required.  Edited a “point of view” film of transects from each location, with a location animation in the corner of the screen generated using Google Earth.


2009-2016  Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is a UNESCO World heritage site and an internationally renowned not-for-profit organisation that implements programmes for protecting endangered species and community development. 

Lewa commissioned me to produce, direct, film and edit their landmark film in 2009 to showcase their groundbreaking work in conservation. I also co-wrote the script and narrated the film. I then presented it at the Explorers Club in New York City in October 2009 and subsequently updated it in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016.

watch Lewa

2008  Borana Conservancy

Promotional marketing film.  Directed, shot, edited and audio mixed a 5-min promotional film used for direct sales.

watch Borana

2008-2017  Roberts Safaris, Tropic Air and The Safari and Conservation Company

Series of ten promotional marketing films for helicopter, luxury lodge and mobile camping safaris including Tropic Air Helicopters, Sirikoi Lodge, Samatian Island, Rutundu Mountain Lodge, Richard’s Camp, Riding Wild and Manda Bay.  Directed, shot, edited and audio mixed all films, subsequently condensing each to a one minute short.

watch playlist

2007  Canon

I was the Logistics Manager for a Canon Eos event to launch the new 1Ds mark3 DLSR camera involving over 80 journalists from European photographic press.  I was employed to co-ordinate the event and also to film and edit a video for internal use.  I directed, filmed, edited, sourced music for and audio mixed the film.

watch Eos Safari

2007  Fuskai Collection

Filmed and edited a short promotional film for a Kenyan fashion range.

watch Fuskai

2002-2004  Greystoke, Mahale  (Nomad)

Greystoke is a luxury lodge on Lake Tanganyika, from where guests can view the local community of habituated chimpanzees in Mahale National Park. Whilst working as lodge manager, I accompanied guests as a photographic and film guide.

watch Mahale



Guy Wilson, co-Founder and Producer at Ginger Ink Films
+254 722 517 705

Max Graham, Founder and CEO, Space for Giants

+254 722 485 584

Belinda Low, co-founder Grevy’s Zebra Trust
+254 727 288 039

Mike Watson, CEO, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

+254 720 217 106

Jelka Ninja Below - Sony Germany
Working with Jimmy was such a pleasure. Competent, foresighted and hard-working, paired with a positive and open personality. Jimmy was helpful and always anxious to help, no matter how busy he was himself. Also he treated everybody equally - protagonists, drivers, assistants in the back office and the representative of the broadcasting station we produced the TV-show for. This is a powerful attribute that can transform the hardest jobs into the greatest fun. Thank you Jimmy for not only being a fantastic location co-ordinator, but a great colleague and kind person at the same time. I am looking forward to future productions together!!!!

Juliet Kennedy - Founder and Managing Director Green Spoon, Kenya
I loved working with Jimmy when he was producing films for our group of luxury lodges in Kenya. He’s professional, super creative and easy to work with.

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